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    I hope you can help me with an issue relating to an additional javascript I am using in your BigBang HTML template. Because I have a very large portfolio and required an automated set up, I sadly had to forego using your included portfolio functions and instead insert code from VisualLightBox. Similar to your lightbox script, this one has arrows that appear on rollover on the right and left side of the image windows. However, possibly because of a conflict with another script, the arrows are doing this annoying slide down from the top of the image box instead of just appearing. You can see the issue here.

    Do you have any idea of what other script or code included with the BigBang template could be causing this issue? I am hoping if it’s a feature I am not using, I could simply delete it out of my site’s code. Apologies if this falls outside the bounds of your support since I’m using someone else’s code inside your template. Thank you so much for your time!


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