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    I have come across an issue with the portfolio rollover/hover which doesn’t activate in Chrome; only activates on click (Issues doesn’t appear in FireFox, IE, or Safari).

    All other rollover/hover effects appear to be working.

    Thanks in advance,




    Hi Jordan,

    Since this happens only in Chrome, check if there are some plugins / addons activated. Also, try on Chrome on some other computer, because I’m pretty sure it’s something related to your Chrome.



    Thanks for getting back to me regarding this issue.

    Over the last week I’ve been testing this issue on the following OSes(OSs?): OSX SL, OSX ML, Win7, and Win8.1. But only one that the issue persists is on my Win8.1 workstation.

    I’ve tried disabling all my extensions, which isn’t much:
    – Adblock
    – Google Cast
    – Google Doc
    – IE Tabs

    – I’ve even tried incognito/clearing cache

    It maybe my workstation, but I don’t have another other comupter with Win8 .1 (working on finding time to go to Best Buy and trying it out).

    Note: This issue isn’t limited to the html version, it also effects WP version. Also my workstation doesn’t have an touch screen(s) attached.

    I’ll keep looking into it. If you have a Win8.1 with chrome, let me know if you come across the same issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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