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    Hey there

    Thanks for a goodlooking theme which tought me how to use shortcodes instead of visual composer.

    I have one issue left with the theme. Some of the headings are not formatted correctly (i have checked and the “Add class ‘title’ to all headings” is on on all pages).

    As you can see on: http://munthe-kaas.dk/ the headings in “publikationer” and “kontakt” is correct while “Curriculum vitae” is formatted differently.

    Also the “pinned menu on scroll” only seems to work on some of the pages.

    Hope you can help me out 🙂

    All the best Peter

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    Hi Peter,

    I think I’ve found what’s wrong. There’s a error in my code when there are Team members on the page, so I guess all these issues are on these pages?

    If you can access bigbangwp/javascript/custom.js , try to delete

    if (cols_temp != cols) i = 1;

    If you can’t do that, you can add
    class='title' to H3 elements in the TEXT editor.

    ps: What do you think about Visual editor? For me it’s hard to use, so I prefer shortcodes approach.



    Thank you for the answer

    I just changed it in the text editor as i couldnt find bigbangwp/javascript/custom.js

    I still have the problem with the scroll though. It only works on half the pages.

    Regarding visual composer I think that it is a pretty nice tool, but after I understood how shortcodes work, that seems to be a better option.

    All the best



    I’m sure the scrolling bug is because of that code in custom.js

            var cols_temp = 0;
    	var i = 0;
    		$(this).find(".social-personal span:last").remove();
                    if ($(this).hasClass("one-fourth")) cols = 4;
    		if ($(this).hasClass("one-third")) cols = 3;
    		if ($(this).hasClass("one-half")) cols = 2;
    		if (cols_temp != cols) i = 1;
    		//remainder = i % cols
    		if (i % cols == 0) $(this).addClass("last");
    		cols_temp = cols;

    It’s better if you add var cols = 0; just after var cols_temp = 0;

    You have to edit this file via FTP (of File editor in your hosting admin) because WP doesn’t allow to edit JavaScript files through Editor.

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