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    The first four items in our Portfolio feed no longer have the right arrow to toggle to the next item on their detailed pages. It’s like they’re all acting like the first (beginning) Portfolio item.

    Main Portfolio Page :

    Sample Work

    First four detailed portfolio pages where it’s not working :

    Ultimate Security of America

    Brew Burger Logo Identity

    Boise Paper Top-Selling Brand Ad

    Evoke Idea Group Video

    The fifth detailed portfolio page works :

    Boise Box Tops for Education

    Is it maybe because the first four items are also the first items in their individual categories?

    And assistance would be greatly appreciated. Just let me know if you need any additional information or clarification. Thanks!



    I think you’re right (about being first item in category)

    Open single-portfolio_item.php and find

    <?php previous_post_link_plus(array('format' => "<li class='prev'> %link </li>", 'link' => '%title', 'in_same_tax' => TRUE )); ?>
                <li class="all"><a href="<?php echo $all_link; ?>" title="All items">All</a></li>
                <?php next_post_link_plus(array('format' => "<li class='next'> %link </li>", 'link' => '%title', 'in_same_tax' => TRUE )); ?>

    try to add

    ,'in_same_cat' => FALSE

    According to documentation it should work http://www.ambrosite.com/plugins/next-previous-post-link-plus-for-wordpress



    Thank you, I’ve tried adding this to both the previous and next strings of code, and individually. All three options didn’t work.

    This is what I currently have :

    <?php previous_post_link_plus(array(‘format’ => “<li class=’prev’> %link “, ‘link’ => ‘%title’, ‘in_same_tax’ => TRUE , ‘in_same_cat’ => FALSE )); ?>
    <li class=”all”>” title=”All items”>All
    <?php next_post_link_plus(array(‘format’ => “<li class=’next’> %link “, ‘link’ => ‘%title’, ‘in_same_tax’ => TRUE , ‘in_same_cat’ => FALSE )); ?>

    I’m also saving these edits under the Child Theme, would that make / not make any difference?



    I don’t think it’s a Child theme related. Of course, you can try to edit and main theme.

    Or you can send me login data to sd so I could try to figure it out.



    Thank you, I tried replacing the main Theme’s file too – that didn’t seem to work either. (and I’ve since reverted back to the original) I’ll email you login information now…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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